October 21, 2005

Martha's Apprentice

I am an avid Apprentice watcher - both Martha and Donald.

Rebecca is my fave with the Donald.

But now, I have a favorite on Martha - Ryan. No, not because he and I share the same name, but because he really shined on this week's episode (I only saw it last night on CNBC... I have no idea when the first run of the episode is!). He really was easily the most effective project manager I've seen on that show, and quite possibly in recent all-around Apprentice history. He is one of those few apprenti who can connect with the customers crazily well (i.e. wedding cake sale) as well as lead a team of enthusiastic members without the backstabbing and footdragging others tend to create.

He's great. If only there were more Ryan's in the world... oh, wait a minute.

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