January 11, 2007

Excellent Album Alert

Here's an album I know you should check out. I don't even have my copy yet (its on its way), but you can actually preview almost the entire album - that's right, you aren't limited it to 30 second clips that barely give you enough of a song for you to make sure its the one you are looking for or to hide the fact that the rest of the song sucks.

I'm a huge Shaun Groves fan, and today on his blog, which I read faithfully during my daily morning whirlwind internet news and blog reading session, he asked to help get the word out about his new independent CD. So I, being the lemming that I am, complied.

I actually have every CD he has released, and I have thoroughly enjoyed each one. This one is no different.


kate said...

hey, we don't know each other, but i just wanted to say good job with the writing and the ideas -- you have an entertaining writing style that kept me hooked for a while there.
i randomly came across your blog and i have nothing in common with anything you were saying but somehow i just kept reading.

terpryan said...

Thanks for stopping by! Don't be a stranger now..