September 6, 2010

Summer Snapshots

So I apparently decided to give my blog the summer off. Even though it wasn't working, I certainly was.  Because I had taken a bunch of time off when Leilani was born, I spent the summer working to regain a stash of vacation days that I could once again utterly deplete.

That said,  fun was certainly had.  We took our very first family vacation to Williamsburg and Virginia Beach to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  A weekend jaunt to Ocean City.  Various celebrations were attended.  Oh, and I also completed my Master of Arts in Religion.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, I have decided to do my summer recap using photographs.  This collection was created by me going through iPhoto and selecting images from the start of summer to it's (apparent) end, though I will deny it until the first frost.

Check out the passage of time through the growth of one certain little girl.

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Bodivine said...

What a cutie pie...beautiful photos...!! :)