April 6, 2011

Meredith leaving?

So yesterday, as I am watching my Today Show podcast for the day before (yes, it's all very confusing), I noticed that for many days, Meredith Viera had been away and there was not the usual "she's on vacation," or "she's on assignment" when she is in either of those situations.

Then, in between segments on the podcast, the Today Show ad they normally play was changed from the one with Matt, Meredith, Ann, Al and the rest all laughing the entire time in the context of everything they do on the show (to let you know they are a fun group!) to one that seemed they were characterizing the show as one with hard news - Matt seriously interviewing somebody about some major political issue.. and then Ann interviewing someone regarding the tragedy in Japan.. yes, Ann.

They did a group studio pan shot that included both Meredith and Al, but Ann was at the anchor desk.  "Weird," I thought to myself. I looked for clues online as to what might be happening, but found nothing.

Then, yesterday in my Google Reader, I see this article.  Meredith Vieira expected to leave NBC's Today this year

Then things made sense.  I only post this because of my amazing intuition and ability to see something was up on the show without actually knowing something was.

Also, please Today Show producers, please don't give us Ann Curry as co-anchor. I like her as a person, just not as a co-anchor. Unless Katie Couric takes over Ann's job at the news desk. Now that would certainly be an entertaining morning "news" show.

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