September 10, 2011

"With" by Skye Jethani (Review)

I read most books through just once, but every now and then I run into one that I plan on reading again just as soon as I can. Why? There might be something personally challenging, something truly unique in the topic the author is covering, or simply that the writing style is engaging. Whatever it is, it simply goes beyond what I consider to be a good book. Having already read With twice,  I can certainly say that this is one of them.

Skye Jethani challenges his readers to evaluate their relationship with God. Is God someone they live over? Under? From? For? He says that living in primarily any one of these positions is incorrect because our focus is placed on something other than what it should be - life with God.  He defines each of these categories and invites you think about how you relate to God, while admitting he himself has viewed God incorrectly at various times in his own life.

Jethani directly confronts many false teachings that exist within the church, specifically those that are the result of the fusion of American culture and biblical truth. Because of this, I believe this is essential reading for anyone who is in, connected to, or should be connected to the church in our country. It is simply the message of the gospel preached in book form.

There are simple drawings used to help illustrate the points being made to help you, as well as to allow you to share them with others. Additionally, there are discussion questions at the end of the book and specific ideas as to how you can implement the concepts put forth in the book into your life so this book is far from theoretical. It is practical as well.

Do you find Christianity lacking? What you see on TV, hear from those around you, or even from the pulpit at church might be missing the point.  With invites you to check out what it's really about. Not about things, stuff you do, or items you focus on. Rather it is simply about living life, not the way you might be used to, even if filled with Christian things. Instead its all about living life with God.

Five stars (out of 5).

I received a complimentary review copy of this book from Thomas Nelson.

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