August 8, 2005

Jordis Rocks!

There is one television show that I know you are not watching this summer. And that show is Rock Star: INXS on CBS. How do I know you are not watching? Well, simply because the ratings haven't been too great.

Unfortunately for you, you are really missing something.

Contestant Jordis Unga has got to be the greatest performer on a television show that I have ever seen. While I cannot give her the title of greatest singer, because currently Tamyra Gray holds it, there are elements far greater than singing voice that makes a rock star great. And this gal has them.

Recently, People magazine noted that, "When dreadlocked Jordis Unga stepped on stage and ripped into a searing rendition of The Who's 'Baba O'Reilly,' she didn't just kick off another music competition, she outsang four seasons' worth of American Idols."

Rock Star: INXS is a much better show for music and musicians than American Idol is. You have a great house band that contestants perform and interact with. Performers really know how to work the crowd. Contestants here are much older than the teenagers of American Idol. They have performed professionally prior to becoming contestants and this fact is abundantly clear. Instead of turning amateurs pro, this show brings great performers to the international stage.

If you would like to see videos of Jordis, or any of the other performers for that matter, you can access them from the show's official site on MSN.

While I am still unsure if I would like to see Jordis win the whole thing (a record deal as a solo artist might be far better), she is truly worth watching, and I wish her best of luck in her forthcoming professional music career.

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