April 13, 2007

Jason Whitlock

I was watching the Today Show this morning and they spent about the first 20 minutes of the show on the Don Imus hysteria. Many different groups were used to provide differing viewpoints, from the guy who "mediated" the meeting between the Rutger's women's team and Imus, to a panel of maybe 20 average people who spent time in a room all yelling their opinions at the same time.

As they moved from group to group, there was one guy, who when they first showed him on camera, I sighed to myself because I figured I knew what his opinion would be (seeing as how everybody else they picked for the show provided the opinions they predictably would). But boy was I wrong. I had never heard of Jason Whitlock before today, but I was impressed at what he had to say.

Whitlock is a black guy and he called Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson domestic terrorists. Whoa.

Here's a snippet from an article by him I found today ("Imus isn’t the real bad guy")...

Thank you, Don Imus. You’ve given us (black people) an excuse to avoid our real problem.

You’ve given Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson another opportunity to pretend that the old fight, which is now the safe and lucrative fight, is still the most important fight in our push for true economic and social equality.

You’ve given Vivian Stringer and Rutgers the chance to hold a nationally televised recruiting celebration expertly disguised as a news conference to respond to your poor attempt at humor.

Thank you, Don Imus. You extended Black History Month to April, and we can once again wallow in victimhood, protest like it’s 1965 and delude ourselves into believing that fixing your hatred is more necessary than eradicating our self-hatred.

The bigots win again.

And one more ("Time for Jackson, Sharpton to Step Down")

Here's the opening of this one...

I’m calling for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the president and vice president of Black America, to step down.

Their leadership is stale. Their ideas are outdated. And they don’t give a damn about us.

Go and read those articles in their entirety - they are great.

My take on the whole situation is that it's the biggest media hyped joke EVER... well, since the last one anyway. The Rutger's team was robbed of the fact they made it to the national championship game? PLEASE. Like Whitlock said this morning, people are foolishly giving Don Imus this incredible amount of power that he actually doesn't have.

I really hope that there are more newsworthy items next week that we had this week. Really hope.

In case you can't see it too well, the "Breaking News" alert is that the Rutgers team has accepted Imus' apology. This is huge! HUGE I tell you!

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