October 7, 2008

What Friends Are For

Came across this article today. It is quite awesome. Perfect timing.

Key line: I know now to take the time to consider what a friend in need really needs.

What Friends Are For
In Trying Times, Help Is Often Near (If You Just Ask)
By Melissa Hart

The week my husband ended up in the hospital with an innocuous foot infection that snowballed, my girlfriends vanished. For seven nights, I lay sleepless and scared while my pale beloved soaked up antibiotics in Room 371 and prayed he wouldn't lose his foot.

My friends knew of our predicament, but only Sarah e-mailed to ask how she could help. In retrospect, a batch of chocolate chip cookies would have been comforting; likewise a shared bottle of cabernet or an offer to walk our three dogs. But I, like many in crisis, went blank. "I have no idea," I e-mailed back.

Click here for the rest. This is the essence of Christianity.

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