October 6, 2008

Free Internet

Leading a life that includes an education dependent on internet access for assignment submission can be difficult if one does not have said internet access at home. Especially when one has been at the new place for more than a month.

Such is my life now that Comcast has broken its promises for an installation. I have previously blogged about my disfavor with Comcast from my old, old apartment (here and here), but silly me put economic needs over common sense and elected to go with Comcast.

I have been able to get online from home on occasion using a unsecured wireless network from a neighbor when I'm sitting out on the deck (thank you, whoever you are) but that can be spotty at times. When I first moved, it was still warm out, but now, sitting outside trying to get free internet requires protective garments.

So, right now, and tomorrow, and Wednesday, and every Sunday for the past several weeks, I have made my home Panera Bread. They have free internet, comfy tables, and sandwiches, soups, and salads that are quite good. Oh, and they have lemonade. And an awesome chocolate brownie.

Supposedly Comcast will be visiting on Wednesday to hook up internet and cable. I am hopeful that the third time will be the charm. But I also know with whom I am dealing.

My calendar for Sunday is cleared for a pleasant afternoon lunch at Panera Bread. With free internet access.

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