December 19, 2006

I hate Comcast, continued

Comcast told me they were going to visit me yesterday. They were going to stop by sometime between 11 and 2 to install my new digital cable service with a new DVR. The plan for yesterday was a) get cable installed b) go shopping for stuff around the apartment and c) watch Monday Night Football.

When calling to confirm the appointment on Sunday, I was told that I should be ready to pay for the first month of service, as well as the installation fee. This installation fee was not present when I was setting up the service online, so I asked about it. I was transferred to a customer service agent who told me that "Comcast wouldn't install for free." After some persistence, he said he'd see what he could do, and brought my installation fee down from $24.99 to $9.99.

So yesterday, a couple minutes after 2, after not having my visit, I decided to give them a call. I was informed that the service technician was running late and that he should be at my place in 45 minutes.

At 3:00, after no call and no technician, I called back. I spoke to a gentleman who told me that he was going to try and find out where the cable guy was. In the meantime, he puts me on hold, and I receive another call from a lady from Comcast who tells me the technician was still at the prior job, and would be installing my cable in another 45 minutes. My original guy hangs up on me, and then calls me back with the same news. I tell him that this was unacceptable, and ask him if there was anything they could do to make me "a happy Comcast customer instead of a bitter one." He then offered me $20 off my next bill as a part of their "On time guarantee" program.

I called them again at 4, when I still hadn't heard from them. This time I am told that the technician was nearby, and that he would "be there soon." I was given a time estimate of 30 minutes.

A couple minutes before 5, I called again. I was once again given the 30 minute estimate because we were "next on the list." I asked for some additional compensation for the "pain and suffering." The request was denied, however, since apparently the $20 was the max.

Around 5:45, I called again and the lady who answered told me she was going to call me "right back" with the technicians whereabouts. After waiting about 30 minutes, I called back again, and after the customer service guy tells me that he spoke to the dispatcher, and the technician was "3 lights away" from being at my apartment.

So finally, what seemed to be a "20 lights away" drive, the technician shows up. He starts getting ready for the install, and after showing him where the cable was to go, he realized he had to go out and get more wiring. So he comes back, and finally is able to set up.

A couple minutes before 8:00, digital cable was installed.

Yeah, I still hate Comcast.

(The technician was actually decent. I was working on my 15 page paper, and he saw me spread out with a bunch of books open, and me working busily. He asked me if I was studying the Bible and I told him about my masters program. He asked me what I was planning on doing with the degree, to which he responded. "Man, that's awesome. There really should be more guys like you out there." So that kind of melted all the anger I had built up earlier in the day. But yeah... that Comcast is still a joke...)

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