December 19, 2006

I love (And John D.)

I just got off the phone with John D. Quite possibly the greatest customer service representative I have ever spoken to.

I recently placed an order on for a Christmas present for my main man. It was delivered, but upon opening the shipping container, I noticed that the product that I purchased was damaged. Or appeared to be damaged. Today is Tuesday. I would need delivery by Friday if I wanted to make it an actual Christmas present.

I sent an email using their site, but was given a canned, standard reply by some individual named Inder B. who clearly hadn't read my message. He just noted that he forwarded my message to their shipping department and that they would work on "making future improvements. My email was a "what should I do if I want to make this a Christmas present" message." However dear old Inder B. didn't make any mention of it. After clicking on a "This did NOT answer my email" link, I got to talk to John D.

I explained to John D. that the clamshell, impossible to open plastic container that held the gift had some dings on it which actually hit the product itself. So while there was contact with the product, I couldn't tell if the marks could just be wiped off, or if they were permanent features. John D. understood my dilemma. I could give my friend the possibly damaged product as a gift. I could open it to find out if it was actually damaged, but thereby voiding any return options if it was damaged and giving my buddy an opened gift if it wasn't. Or I could just not give him the gift altogether and hold out for a replacement post-Christmas.

After a bit of working his system, he was able to arrange for 2-day delivery of a replacement for me. This was outside the standard operating procedure for their replacements. So, it seems, I will be getting a replacement delivered to me in time for Christmas.

Really, what are the odds of that kind of customer service in this day and age. John D. was friendly, empathetic, and extremely cheerful.

I had never had a problem with ever before. Everything I've ever ordered has come to me before their estimated delivery dates. So this was going to be the first blemish on their otherwise spotless record. However, instead of a blemish, it has just added to their shine.

I love (And John D.)

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