May 6, 2012

Memphis Series

So yeah, I'm moving to Memphis later this month. I was thinking my posting my blog posts on Facebook would be enough to get the news out, but then I learned that people aren't on that site on the once a day, couple times a day, every hour, every minute as often as I am.

Since they were spread over several days, I figured having a single post with links to each of them would be helpful for folks to get the story from the hastily written, attempts at clear blog posts that I produced a few weeks ago.

Here are the posts. Clicking on one will open a new window. You're welcome.
Part 1: Six Months Ago
Part 2: To Teach, or Not to Teach
Part 3: Memphis
Part 4: Under Review
Part 5: Chosen

My transitionary period has been filled with all sorts of things that I may or may not post about. I hope to, but I am a sketchy blogger. It will be fun to look back and remember what I was thinking and doing during now. We'll see what happens.

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