June 20, 2012

The Memphian Chronicles begin

Well, it's been three and a half weeks since we moved to Memphis. I'm rolling with the classes and preparation required to be an excellent urban educator next fall. Time will certainly tell.

As far as the journey here goes, Ruth wrote a post about it so I'm going to be lazy and direct you to read hers. There are pictures! My post wouldn't have any pictures.

The picture from this post was the result of an image search. Yes, quality blogging here.

Anyway, here's the long and short of it.

Saved moving for the last 4 days before we left.
Because we could.
Rented a moving truck.
Yay, Penske!
Packed all our stuff into it.
Thanks, to an army of friends.
Attached the Jetta behind it.
Drove all day Friday, May 25.
Had lunch at a wonderful little Mexican joint called Taco Bell.
Drank SO MUCH Dr. Pepper.
Arrived in Newcomb, Tennessee.
Spent Friday and Saturday night there with Ruth's family.
Had dinner at Cracker Barrel - I got chicken fried chicken.
Drove Sunday from Newcomb to Memphis.
Did not stop in Nashville.
Arrived in Memphis earlier than expected.
Said hello to Ruth's grandmother.
Checked out new apartment.
Had roast beef at Cracker Barrel.
Unpacked the moving truck on Monday with the assistance of wonderful MTR-ers.
Spent the next couple days getting unpacked and meeting MTR residents.
Began internet connection process with Comcast.
Leilani made a frenemy.
Welcome dinner on that Thursday.
Orientation started that Friday.
Week of orientation.
Stepped on a cockroach.
Met some awesome people.
Went to Stax.
Toured St. Jude.
Classes followed.
Met more awesome people.
Ruth went swimming.
Found a church.
Read a book.
Got connected to the internet two and a half weeks later.


There are some parts that I glossed over that I plan on posting about but probably won't.

If you turn my blog post sideways, though, you can see the skyline of Memphis.

Here's to more exciting dispatches!

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