July 29, 2005

Barbara Harrison made a funny!

So I am watching NBC4 news this morning as I always do getting ready for work. If you are a regular watcher, you know that you are subjected to the cheesiest jokes of all time from co-anchor Joe Krebbs and weather/funnyman Tom Kierein. Coanchor Barbara Harrison is on a different page entirely, normally a little bit slow on understanding commentary, reading the telepropter, understanding the teleprompter... But don't get me wrong. It is the morning, and a little sluggishness is understandable. Artificial highs from caffeine producing an attempt at witty banter is understandable as well. I do keep going back to them every day, don't I?

So anyway, today, after another sigh inducing joke from the weatherman, Barbara tells him, "Tom, you sure are funny today!" To which he replies, "Am I really?" To which Barbara then responds, "NO!"

It was incredibly funny given the dynamics of the morning show team.

1 comment:

lilkunta said...

I dont like BH. I like Krebbs & Kieran.

I notice the words slurs. Is she developing brain cancer or some kinds neuro disese?