July 21, 2005

Third Time's The Charm

I was just thinking the other day that I had some unusually interesting things happen to me recently and that I should write them somewhere so I could forever remember them. Since I generally do not write stuff down (whether it be driving directions, shopping lists, or glimpses of my soul), I tried to think of what to do. Should I randomly write Word documents, or go more basic and actually handwrite things somewhere? Since both of these options did not sound too appealing to me, I remembered, "Oh yeah, I did sign up for a blog didn't I?" But then I also remembered that I usually go through the following process:

1. Decide to start a blog.
2. Post consistently for 4 days.
3. Shift to monthly posts of 2 sentences or less.
4. Think that blogs are the most pointless thing ever.
5. Stop posting altogether.
6. Delete all posts.
7. Repeat.

So then, I was driving in to work today, and I heard on the news that China has unpegged their yuan to the US dollar, and to me this was huge news. (Learn more: China Severs Its Currency's Link to Dollar) But it was sort of a one line, page 17 type news item during the report. And I did not hear any word of this while I was getting ready for work, and had the tv news on. So then I felt the need to let people know about this.

Accordingly, I decided this blog thing might solve both of my problems. I can officially document my ramblings, rants, raves, cool stuff, random stuff, and whatever I feel like droning on and on about AND I can have soapbox to sound off on what I think you really need to stop everything in your life and start caring about.

So here I go, once again at Step 1 of my blog process. Odd are that the complete process will once again be followed through. However, I am hoping this time it might be different since now I actually wish I hadn't deleted my old posts so I can laugh at myself for what I was rambling about last year (and you can laugh about what I am rambling about today).

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