January 10, 2006

Pat Robertson is insane

So according to Pat Robertson, Ariel Sharon's stroke was caused by God. Isn't wonderful for God to have a spokesman as wise as Robertson? Sometimes you wonder if he realizes what he is saying when he says it. Or if he ever realizes it.

Anyways, I read a very good blog posting today about this matter. Check it out here.

Here's a clip:

If I were God—which I’m not, but if I were—I would be pretty annoyed that Falwell and Robertson keep blaming me for everything. I would probably start unleashing all sorts of crazy stuff on the world just for spite. I’m talking never-before-seen catastrophes here. Things that would make what I did to Egypt with those ten plagues look like another fun episode of Romper Room. I would bring back Rosie O’Donnell’s talk show and give her a lifetime contract, and let her live till 402. I would turn black people into white people and white people into black people, just to shake things up. I would pee on whole cities and not wash my hands, so that whenever the Hand of God worked through your life, it would be the hand that I used to pee and didn’t wash afterwards. And I would turn cherries into little blood capsules, so that Coca Cola had to reprint its Cherry Coke labels and change the name to Coke Blood.

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