January 17, 2006

Final Thoughts on the 2005 Season

So, the Redskins season has finally ended. It has ended long after most would have thought. Had you asked me last August if I would be disappointed if the Skins would have a 10-6 season, and make it to round two of the playoffs, I would have said "No, of course not!" However, now that that those circumstances actually do exist, I feel disappointed anyway.

This disappointment is not the normal sort of stomach churning, anger inducing disappointment which I had felt in some prior seasons. But this disappointment is more along the lines of the fact that shimmers of greatness were seen this season, and it is just a little upsetting that more weren't seen during the playoffs.

In addition to this redefined disappointment I feel, now there is a new sensation. And that sensation is the feeling of hope. Yes fellow Redskins fans, we have hope going into this off-season. Can you imagine if we had another deep threat, aside from Santana Moss? Maybe rehabilitated in-house David Patten can do it? Or maybe someone can be imported. Regardless of who it might be, the possibility is great. Our defense is obviously insane. We've got a not too shabby Clinton Portis on our side, and an amazing Chris Cooley. The question is not whether or not we can be a competitive team--it is how competitive are we going to be.

This is the first time in recent memory this isn't a "rebuilding year." A decent team has been built. A few modifications need to be made but we don't have an entire board that needs to be scrapped. We do need a long term quarterback, but the situation is obviously not dire.

Am I disappointed that next weekend I won't be able to don my Redskins regalia and glue myself to the TV? I sure am. But this year, going into the dark ages of months without football, I will survive not only because I know football will return on September 7, but because one of the best teams in the NFL will be rearing to go here in Washington.


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