January 2, 2006

Playoff Bound Redskins

What a great (well, outcome anyway) game for the Skins yesterday! I'm ready Saturday's game against the Bucs. Hopefully the team that showed up to beat the Cowboys and the Giants will show up!

Quite the turnaround from last season's 6-10 to this year's 10-6. Joe Gibbs has most definately (once again) done some good in Washington.

Here's an article that talks about yesterday's game. The paragraph that caused me to post it:

The hiring of Gibbs was almost analogous to the traveling salesman coming home to a filthy house and the kids spoon-feeding the family mutt peanut butter. Order needed to be restored. Gibbs returned the way he left -- a stately, bespectacled grandfather, preaching unity, resolve and just plain good sense. He weathered the first prolonged criticism of his career last season, finishing a disappointing 6-10 and raising real doubt over whether a coach in his mid-60s had completely grasped the nuances of the modern game.

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