September 29, 2005

Chief Justice John Roberts

So Roberts gets the job of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Obviously, no surprise there.

It was a 78-22 vote, Democrats were 22-22, Republicans 55-0, and Independent Jim Jeffords voted yes.

Among those who voted against him were Clinton, Biden, Bayh, Feingold, and Kerry, a.k.a. 2008's presidential prospects.

If you want a complete breakdown, click here.

Feingold actually voted FOR Roberts. The formatting on the C-SPAN page between a senator's name and vote was off causing a bit of difficulty trying to see how a vote was cast. Sorry! Thanks to Chris Matthews on Hardball when he actually asked about the same 5 senators I listed as the possible presidential candidates, and noted that only 4 of the 5 voted NO, with Feingold the one who voted YES.

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