September 9, 2005

The Power of One

The greatest power on earth is the power of one. The power of an individual. It is from a single person that the greatest feats on earth have been accomplished. While triggered by an individual, it is enhanced by the collective force created when others, in like mindedness come together to get something done. A group of people who are not of one accord is useless; accordingly, it is the role of an individual both severally or collectively that matters the most. A house built of brick is worthless if each brick is broken.

This power is can be used for good. However, this power can also be used for evil.

One such evil is the very first person who is driving and brakes to take a look at the cool flashing lights of a cop who has pulled over another driver, or to take a gander at someone changing a flat tire. This very first person has the power not only to add a couple additional seconds to their commute, but seconds, and eventually minutes, to all drivers behind them. If you add all the time each individual who is sitting in rubbernecking delays wastes, you would have a total time value of days, weeks, and maybe even months.

You as an individual have the power to break the rubbernecking chain that is created when a fellow driver needs to pull over. You can either choose to continue driving to your destination or to slow down the commute of everybody behind you.

Use your power for good.

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