September 21, 2005

JetBlue Flight 292

So I'm watching LOST when during a commercial break, I switch channels to see what else was on when I went by Fox and they had a split screen between an airplane and the regularly scheduled program. There was no indication as to what was going on with the airplane so I switched it to MSNBC where I learned about the problem with the landing gear.

So here on live TV we are watching an airplane with faulty landing gear. There are ambulances, fire fighters, and other emergency personnel waiting along the runway at LAX. It seems as if there might be a chance that the plane could crash land and we can all watch it live at home. How nice. But I was hooked.

As I am watching the plane flying in preparation to land, my thoughts immediately shifted to the passengers on the flight and what they may be thinking. So is this it? Are these my final moments? What is going on here? Am I dreaming?

Fortunately, it was one of the most relieving moments ever. Watching a smooth landing was amazing. When the wheels on the front of the plane (which were twisted 90 degrees from where they needed to be) were dragging on the ground, sparking and burning, I was prepared to see other parts of the plans catch. But thankfully this did not happen. The plane just went straight down the runway until it came to a final stop.

All I can say is that JetBlue has one incredible pilot.

MSNBC's coverage wasn't too bad either... Just moments after the plane landed, and the passengers exited, one was on the phone with MSNBC giving a first hand account of what happened. None of the other cable networks really had coverage which compared.

I have no idea how big a news item this will be tomorrow, but it was quite the event today.

A story with a happy ending sure is nice for a change.

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