September 8, 2005

Jordis Goes Home

I know that you watch Rock Star: INXS. I just know it. It IS the best show on TV this summer.

Anyway, imagining that you (for whatever reason) do not watch this show, here's what happened last night...


You see, Jordis was the best singer on the show when it started. Easily. Hands down. I still think she's the best. However, in recent weeks, her performances were not quite on par with what she started, with the exception of "Knocking on Heaven's Door" which was phenomenal.

So, now it was down to the final five, and yesterday, when I thought about the performances from Tuesday's show and who would get eliminated, I knew for sure it would have to be Jordis. Not because she was bad obviously, but because she was not really the type of person who can get all glammed up and lead this existing rock band. She's 22 for goodness sakes. I doubt she even remembers the glory years of the band because I sure don't.

With that said, I knew she was going to get eliminated all day, and when she was called to the bottom three, and available for elimination by the band , I knew it would be her. After her performance on the elimination show, the band asked her if she could lead INXS. She replied, "I hope so." Right at that moment, I knew her fate was sealed. You don't say that!

Regardless, Jordis is far more than just a flash in the pan. I don't know what happened for her to start out so strongly and then fizzle, but she didn't have the same mindset as the other contestants did. They were always talking about adapting themselves to INXS, whereas Jordis never did. It was always more about Jordis is who she is, and she was just hoping for a match.

I said previously that I thought Marty would be the best fit for the job, and I still stand by that. I hope that he wins. I know he will win.

It still sucks to see Jordis go! But I am definitely expecting a modern solo career from her... none of this 80's band revival.

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