September 20, 2005

Redskins Win!

Late in the midnight hour, the Redskins turn it around.

I love Mark Brunell. I love you, Santana Moss.

What a game last night! I have to admit, I was extremely doubtful late last night as I watched Dallas leading the Skins 13-0 with just a couple minutes left in the fourth quarter. The commentators frequently reminded us that Washington was 15-1 against the Cowboys in their most recent matchups, and that the last time we beat them in Dallas was back in 1995. Bill Parcells had an undefeated record when leading by 13 points or more in the fourth quarter - seventy some wins. Other "all odds against the Skins" stats were mentioned. Even when the stats are FOR us, it seems that the Redskins find a way to lose.

But no, not this time.

When I saw Brunell connect with Moss for the first touchdown, my first thought was "Whoa! That was CRAZY!" My second thought was, "And why are we waiting this long to pull this kind of stuff?!" But my thoughts were quickly interrupted by the second Brunell-Moss touchdown.

I've seen many comebacks in football before. But never with the Redskins. Never in this manner. Usually when there is a late 4th quarter insane comeback, its usually the Skins who are the ones defeated. It was such a surreal moment to see it happen for us this time!

Monday Night Football normally provides us with the best games of the season. For the first three quarters, it seemed that the Skins-Cowboys matchup would be an exeception. Fortunately not yesterday. This will go down as one of the best games in our team's history.

A comeback for the ages.

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