January 1, 2008

No Resolutions

Welcome to my newly reformatted blog. I was reviewing some old posts in the past week and I realized how cyclical my blogging is. After not blogging for several months, I post a new message lamenting my lack of blogging and make a promise to blog more frequently. Every time, slightly a different story.

So this time, I will will make no such promises. We'll see if this results in anything different. If it does, great. If not, whatever. I definitely hope be a regular blogger though...

On that note, with today being the first day of 2008 and all, I thought I would share something with you:

This year I have resolved to have no new year's resolutions.

In the same way my promises to blog collapse, in years past anything I have resolved to do in a new year never really happens beyond the first week or two. So instead of resolving to do something and failing (for whatever reason), I decided not to even bother.

This is not failure. Nor is this premature acceptance of defeat. This would actually be something far more self-disciplinary than any sort of new year's resolution.

I propose instead of deciding upon new year's resolutions, we create new day resolutions. Every day, we resolve to make whatever changes we need to make happen, and we actually do them.

Many people, after "falling off the wagon" as it were, kind of go through days accepting defeat waiting for another major life event (i.e. new years) to implement what they hope will be a lasting change. But clearly, these hardly ever work out.

The coolest part about days are, you start them by waking up and you end them by going to sleep. And you only have several hours you need to manage. This is a ton easier than trying to bother with entire days, weeks, and months. You get a fresh start every 24 hours. Not every 365 days.

So whatever is important to you, do it. Today. Whatever junk you need to get rid of from your life, make sure you get rid of it. Today.

Make today better than yesterday.

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