January 7, 2008

What Would Happen?

This morning, I started reading a new book, The Shaping of Things to Come by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch. It's still way too early for me to make an endorsement, but I will say while reading it got me thinking.

What would happen if every church in America was forced to close it's doors? Would church still exist? If every building with a steeple or one with those illuminated signs with (sometimes) witty sayings was no longer open for business. What would people do? Would our faith be strengthened or weakened? How many people would walk away? How many people would just be washed away? What would YOU do?

No answers. Only questions for this Monday morning.

1 comment:

BonnieJ said...

Nooo! I hate to so vehemently disagree with you about Huckabee but please check out Ron Paul. Do you want a socialist America?